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By jodgi , August 29, in Metagame Discussion. War thunder as well. As far as my memory serves me claims like these have either been refuted or ignored as crazy talk. These are very few superhuman people especially in some certain tanks. Maybe it’s true but there are limitation on how rigged it can get. Can’t keep putting one of these guys with 14 reds all the time.

Skillbased Stronghold Matchmaking

I bought the medium and small package to get two free tanks!. Now with the 6. In hindsight a mistake as its the higher tier tanks vs there targets. This is a game where they track your progress wins and looses yet if you are say tier 5 or six you can face this tier nine IS 4’s that there is no way you can harm outside of loading high explosive which btw will only damage a tank a small ammount while in return you can be killed by one or two at the most shots.

This is my experiance on the north american server today I played for two hours and won one game and I didnt even effect that game much as its was controlled by the higher tiers.

Autre point deficit, heavily armored warfare in specifically, call me on google plus wot b1 tank get back into world of questions regarding matchmaking. Making a.

Jump to content. Ok after tickets for MM and member of the game i finally have the conclusion of your game!! Your MM is scrap and you will never fix it , you care only for money!! Here i sent you 5 of my lost in row to see with what players we playing all the time with and what we have to do to win a btl,how much effort we have to make!! And after that we lose the blts all the time.. No this is not game Your main interesting of your company and your Russians owners is to get only our money!!

You are saying that the mechanics of game MM don’t take the rank or the skills or the Win 8 of the players!! The teams are not balanced accorting of the players rank ,players skills and tanks skills.. For e. Just tell me who?? In my opinion you should take care that because is one of the main factors that all the good players have it in every btl and when they play with noobs random they losing the btls all the time again and again.


Jump to content. In february of , WG implemented a new matchmaking system for the stronghold mode, one that is supposed to match fairly equal enemies against each other. Now this may sound like a worthwhile endeavour, right?

WoT matchmaking issue – posted in Gameplay: Hello All, I am writing as a player that is very frustrated in the matchmaking (MM) system.

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Horrible matchmaking in WOT of late

Jump to content. Tier 6 is screwed now that it can’t see tier 4. It’s going to be bottom tier more often since it doesn’t get pulled into those matches.

We’ve got a large number of improvements in the pipeline for World of Tanks Blitz​! We’ve heard your feedback, and we are hard at work to fix the things you as.

Jump to content. Fanste94, on 25 October – PM, said:. Did you really just put up a tier IV game? Why not go away, have a rest, and think this through. Also, lose the post in the pinned MM thread. Half the enemy team is the same tier as you, go fight them. Nothing wrong in playing tanks and tiers that you are comfortable with, although sometimes one would think it was judging by some comments on the forum.

People moan about the maps being unfair to them personally, that certain classes being too many or too few is unfair to them, etc etc. Truth is, it is random, sometimes things work for you, sometimes against.

Improvements Coming to Asia: A Matchmaking Test and Bots

Jump to content. Henceforth please use this thread as the main place discuss Matchmaker. Most importantly, remain on-topic and constructive, use this thread and not make additional ones to discuss various matchmaker topics. Good Luck and Good Hunting,.

Platoon matchmaking wot – Register and search over 40 million singles: your primary goals in world of tanks trueachievements forum thread.

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Fcking Matchmaking

Jump to content. Percentage of vote: I want to see how many would support only same tier MM, because I honestly believe it will solve a large portion of the balance issues in this game, and maybe if we get an overwhelming result, maybe just maybe we can get wargaming to at least test same tier MM only.

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Now, much less. Hereunder, you will find both my own personal guide and a “guide to the guides”. All I hope is they help beginners and other medium level players, allowing them not to spend hundreds of battles before understanding what it takes to play better and to have fun with World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarussian company Wargaming now based in Cyprus , featuring midth century s—s era tanks and self-propelled artillery.

In the above extract from a screen copy of the results of a victorious battle, the left column shows the actual credits results, and the right column shows what the credits results woud have been if the Russian player had a premium account. The designers want to retain or bring back players to the game — and make some more money in the process — with a quite new, over-powered concept.

These armored cars, gifted with an insane mobility, all of the French Panhard line , were tested from September to December In two years, I spent more than euros on the game. Also, if you just complete the missions and use tankrewards. And you can wait for an offer on premium usually around Christmas. Playing in clans can also give you additional premium days.